Glass Workshops

Glass Blowing Workshops


With the current coronavirus situation, it is necessary to change my workshop availability. Until we are advised differently, I won’t be booking any workshops. Feel free to call May 1st if you are interested in scheduling a workshop for May or June (depending on the advice of the CDC.) I typically take the hot months of summer off, but the furnace will be on again in September.


For individuals who want to try working with hot glass, a private workshop may be purchased. Call or text (630.945.2813) or email me via the contact page if you’d like to purchase a glass lesson as a present for yourself, a good friend, or for up to four individuals.

At each private workshop participants begin by assisting me on a piece in order to become familiar with handling the various tools.  After this initial demo piece, each participant then creates their own form. Their piece can be any solid shape – a round paperweight, an egg, a flame, or a freeform sculpture. By working a solid mass of glass, I guarantee that everyone will end up with a completed work (which they can pick up at least one day later, since glass needs to be annealed overnight).

Appointments for workshops may be scheduled most days of the week (including weekends) at times ranging from early morning to early evening.

View a sample workshop certificate you’ll receive when purchasing a workshop as a gift.  If you choose to purchase one, I’ll email you a gift certificate that explains both the gift and how to redeem it.

Scheduling a Workshop

Currently booking for April.
All April weekend dates are filled; however, some weekdays are available.  Call or text for more information.
Bookings for May can be scheduled beginning on April 1st

The prices for private hot glass experiences are::
1 Person 1 hour $100
2 People 1.5+ hours $100 Each
3 People 2+ hours $90 Each
4 People 2.5+ hours $90 Each
Two Piece Workshop:

For a more complete hot glass experience, the participant will first create a solid form to get used to working in the studio space.  They can then choose one of the following for their second piece:

  1. A sand cast piece or
  2. A blown vessel such as a bowl, vase, or drinking glass.
1 Person 2+ hours $240
2 People 3+ hours $220 Each