Glass Workshops

Glass Blowing Workshops

For individuals who have always wanted to try working with hot glass, a private workshop may be purchased. Call (630-495-4276) or contact me via the contact page, if you’d like to purchase a glass lesson as a present for yourself, a good friend, or for several individuals. I’ll email you a sheet which explains both the gift and how to redeem it.

The recipients would begin by assisting on a piece to become familiar with handling the various tools, and then would create their own form. Their piece could be any solid shape – a round paperweight, an egg, a flame, or a free form sculpture. By working a solid mass of glass, I can guarantee that the recipient will end up with a completed work (which they would pick up at least one day later since glass has to be annealed overnight).

View a sample workshop certificate you’ll receive when giving a workshop as a gift!

The price for a hot glass experience is:
1 Person 1 hour $100
2 People 1.5 hours $75 Each
3 People 2 hours $75 Each
4 People 2.5 hours
Plus additional
time needed.
$70 Each