Glass Blowing Workshops

The glass furnace is now turned off for the summer. It will be up and running again at the end of September.  I begin booking for each month starting 4 weeks prior except for those who have a gift certificate, who may book at any time for dates through the end of the year.  


At each private workshop participants begin by assisting me on a piece in order to become familiar with handling the various tools. After this initial demonstration piece, each participant (up to 4 individuals) takes a turn to create their own form. This piece can be any solid shape – a round paperweight, an egg, a flame, or a freeform sculpture. By working a solid mass of glass, each person is guaranteed to end up with a completed work – which they can pick up two days later, as glass needs to be annealed overnight and then ground flat on the bottom. People who wish to make a blown form can do so at a subsequent workshop or take the complete workshop where they work on a solid form (to get used to working in the studio) and then a blown piece.

A workshop can be a great gift, and I will create and send to you a certificate which can be redeemed at my studio. View a sample workshop certificate here.

The workshops begin (your choice) between 9am and noon Mondays through Saturdays and on Sundays beginning at 1pm. Proof of vaccination is required, and I will happily share my vaccination card with you. Depending upon the quickly changing trends in COVID variants, I may require a mask to be worn.

The prices for private hot glass experiences are:(for weekend prices add $20 per person)

One Solid Piece:

1 Person 1 hour $160
2 People 1.5+ hours $150 Each
3 People 2+ hours $140 Each
4 People 2+ hours $135 Each
Two Piece Workshop:

For a more complete hot glass experience, the participant will first create a solid form to get used to working in the studio space.  They can then choose one of the following for their second piece:

  1. A blown vessel such as a bowl, vase, or drinking glass…or
  2. A sand cast piece
1 Person 2+ hours $320
2 People 3+ hours $300 Each